Indonesia Needs Ratification of Defense Bill With PNG to Eliminate Free Papua Movement

Border Post of Indonesia-PNG

The government needs to ratify the Bill on consent in the field of defense together with Papua New Guinea, so that the Indonesian government can eliminate the Free Papua Movement (OPM) on behalf of the Melanesian Brotherhood. Bearing in mind, only PNG and Fiji countries in the Pacific Islands recognized Indonesian sovereignty and did not support the OPM.

This was said by Vice Chairman of Commission I of the House of Representatives, Asril Hamzah Tanjung, in his statement on Wednesday (27/9). Tanjung said that the government had to ratify a bill on consent in the field of defense with PNG.
"Of the many countries in Asia Pacific, PNG and Fiji are the countries we should be grateful for. This agreement is of interest to us, how the Melanesian issue is not developed because it concerns our sovereignty, our country, "Asril explained.

Furthermore, the Gerindra Party politician also said that it had to raise international opinion on the issue of Melanesia to dampen the steps of United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP)'s spokesman, Benny Wenda, known to seek support from other countries by blowing the issue of the Melanesian race.

According to Asril, Melanesians don't just exist in mainland Papua, on the contrary it is widely spread in eastern Indonesia.
"For that, we need to raise this opinion so it will not develop because our sovereignty can be threatened. Hopefully in the near future, this agreement is immediately ratified because this is very important. We just wait for the presidential decree, "he said.

Meanwhile, experts and academics, Teuku Rezasyah, said that the ratification of Indonesia-PNG agreement signed by the minister of defense in 2010 was very important for Indonesia. He viewed, if the relationship between Indonesia and PNG was closer then PNG could become the buffer zone of Indonesia or anchoring from the issue of Melanesia which was eating away.

Furthermore, in addition to thwarting ULMWP diplomacy efforts, the agreement is also to maintain security in the 750 kilometer-long Indonesia-PNG border region. As part of Nawacita, the border area should be the home of Indonesia.

"So far, they (PNG) complain of his cooperation, fortunately only Indonesia but they are much out of energy.
For that, we must build an ideal cooperation, because if they are idle it may loosen a certain point. I also sincerely hope that Indonesia-PNG opens space for space cooperation in the border area for example with satellite launch, "said Teuku. (Red.AK)


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