IDR 200 Millions of The Village Fund is To Build 10 Units of The Village Market

heads of villages following the guidance of the village fund utilization in the Hall of GOR Hiad Sai Merauke

Padang Raharja Village, Malind District, Merauke Regency in 2017 got a village fund of Rp. 1.5 billion. The first liquefaction has been made of Rp 1.3 billion.
Head of Padang Raharja Village, Sutarjo, said that from the total funds, besides being used for infrastructure development such as culvert construction and community economic empowerment, also allocated Rp 200 million for the construction of 10 village markets.
Village market development program, continued Sutarjo, was the result of an agreement with local communities amounting to 650 families.
"The development process of 10 village markets is underway and only reached 40 percent. I make sure before December the markets will be completed," he said.

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The existence of the village markets, he said, would be utilized by local people to sell the potential results of the village.
"It will be handed over to the village committee to take care of it. Whether rented or not will be discussed again. In essence, the existence of the market that people can sell their natural products," he said.
Papua Police Chief, Inspector General (Pol), Boy Rafly Amar, asserted that the management of village funds was not running well, causing protests from the community.
Therefore, as a follow-up, he provides guidance to bhabinkamtibmas and babinsa to participate in supervising the utilization of village funds in the villages.

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