This is The Face of Skouw State Boundary Post, Veranda of Indonesia in The Easternmost Papua

Skouw State Boundary Post in Papua.

Since the beginning of his reign, President Joko Widodo insisted that State Boundary Posts had to reflect pride, nationalism, dignity, and state's self-esteem. He said that the areas which are directly adjacent to neighboring countries should have been able to become a pride for all Indonesians. He did not want the face of border posts to look slum like an animal cage. So far, the border areas are synonymous with backwardness.
Located in remote areas, a border area is such a back door (isolated, shabby, and left behind). In fact, as an area bordering neighboring countries, the border area should be the front door of Indonesia. Under a leadership of Jokowi, the border area is turned into a forward, open, and foremost.

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Skouw State Boundary Post, which is located in Muaratami District, Jayapura City, Papua, just inaugurated on Tuesday (5/9/2017) ago. Skouw State Boundary Post is about 60 km from Jayapura City with travel time about 90 minutes. Skouw State Boundary Post's design brought local Papuan culture. The design adapted the typical Tangfa House building with local ornaments on the outside of the building.
Tangfa House is a coastal house in the Skouw area, which has a roof with a shield and two long rooms where people gather.
After Skouw State Boundary Post was inaugurated by President Jokowi, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing continues development of the area. Land prepared is 10.7 ha.
In the area of Skouw State Boundary Post is now being built 400 market kiosks, Indonesian homestead, the home of border office employees complete with residential infrastructure.
President Joko Widodo hopes the operation of Skouw State Boundary Post in Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Papua, can mobilize and improve the economy of Papuans. Besides, with the various facilities at Skouw State Boundary Post, the Head of State requested that smuggling of goods that often happened there could be stopped soon. He wanted the commodities which were traded in the country to be legal goods. "It's because citizens will enjoy the results of existing trading," said Jokowi.

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Regarding infrastructure, he realized that building in areas with such terrain conditions in Papua was a difficult task. However, with the hard work and synergy of all parties, he remained sure that it was not impossible to realize.


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