The Dutch Ambassador Visited Papua Province, What's Going On?

Papua Province was visited by Dutch Ambassador to directly monitor political developments as well as infrastructure developments in the most eastern province of Indonesia. Rob Swartbol, ​​Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia, said that there were three things that made him come to Papua. The first was to see how far the democratic law process goes and the implementation of unison democratic elections that had been taken. The second was that Dutch government has projects there, such as Comunity Policing Training, Water Management, and Growth of Vegetables. And the last was to share experiences that were likely to give a positive impact for Indonesia's most eastern province.

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The Dutch government also supported West Papua as a part of Unitary State of Republic Indonesia
(NKRI) which was inseparable. It was asserted by Rob Swartbol when visiting Papuan Police Headquarters in Jalan Samratulangi, Jayapura, Monday (4/3/2017). "West Papua is a part of Indonesia's sovereignty which is inseparable and Dutch government has recognized and appreciated it," said the Dutch ambassador.
For that, as far as the ambassador, Dutch government strongly supported the development process that was rolling in West Papua. "We strongly support that Indonesia continues to develop Papua (West Papua) to be more advanced," he said. He also lauded the implementation of special autonomy in order to keep pace in various aspects. "I've been just served for two years as ambassador here but the expectation or hope to the progress of Papua (West Papua) keep rolling with special autonomy," he said. It is expected that the economy in eastern parts of Indonesia continues to increase with the implementation of special autonomy.
"We are very interested in the policy which is provided by Indonesian government to West Papua, in which activity approaches are going very positive," he said. Besides, Rob also explained that it was very pleased with what has been done by President Joko Widodo for West Papua. Even he had to admit that Jokowi was the only Indonesian Persident who took time the most to directly monitor developments in West Papua.

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The Dutch government also took into account the development of human rights in West Papua and worked together to build a number of projects. "We are also working together to build sanitation, horticulture and human rights," Rob said.

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