Government's Seriousness in Developing West Papua Topples Genocidal Allegations

On the pretext of human rights violations or a genocide issue in West Papua, West Papuan separatists develop this opinion to attack Indonesian government by spreading the issue through online media or their political ambassadors to seek sympathy and support from International communities as if West Papuans were in a state persecution and extermination efforts which were conducted by the Indonesian government.
How a group of people can infer that Indonesian government has an intention to destroy West Papuans in a whole or in a part if the government's policies in written laws and regulations are to develop political, economic, and social society towards better West Papuans. What happens in West Papua is the opposite. Papuan Human Development Index (HDI) has increased from year to year, even Papua Province has surpassed HDI record from other provinces, such as NTT and NTB. The increasing of Papuan HDI has been supported by an increase in the quality of public health by the government.

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The sense of genocide also indicates "Imposing measures which are intended to prevent birth in a group and forcibly transfer children of one group to the other group". In fact, there is no policies which seem like that in West Papua. The fact is that there's improvements in life expectancy rate in West Papua from year to year, the birth rate increases and the death rate in West Papua generally declines, even the fertility rate increases in West Papua. Likewise with education in West Papua, the education has a very important role because the purpose of education is to educate the children of a nation in order that the nation will progress because its people are intelligent and having adequate skills. Therefore, education sector in West Papua is one of Indonesian government's preferred policies, along with the economic sector. For hinterlands in West Papua which are far from urban areas have been programmed by Ministry of Education and Culture with the program name "Master Garda Home (Supporting Teachers)". The program is intended to improve the quality of education there, address the shortage of teachers in hinterlands, and improve the basic education. However, the implementation of this program is still not maximized due to parents in hinterlands' lack of awareness about the importance of education for their children.

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Let us look together, why does West Papua's development lag behind other regions in Indonesia until now? one of them is because of their small group or separatist movements that always spread terror, intimidation, lies, hatred, and propaganda to create fear and insecurity for West Papuans in daily activity, particularly this is the case in hinterlands.

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