West Papua Becomes The Focus of Infrastructure Development

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PWPH) committed to accelerate equitable development throughout Indonesia. The objective in order to meet justice and reduce economic disparities between regions. "Papua and West Papua province become the focus of infrastructure development which is conducted by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing," said PWPH Minister, Basuki Hadimuljono, in a written statement on Monday (03/06/2017).

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The construction of roads in Papua and West Papua province are connecting district to district and opening the isolation. However, it must be able to reduce the number of expensiveness. Basuki added that the development of Trans-Papua Highway and Border Roads which connect centers of the economic activity are showing significant progress now. He pointed out that people have started to feel benefits of Trans-Papua Highway and Border Roads' presence. Although relatively few vehicles pass these roads, people who previously walked with difficult terrain and took a long time are able to traverse the same path more easily and quickly now. "In existing roads, it is used also for the installation of fiber optic networks by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology," Basuki closed.

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Souce : www.suara.com/bisnis/2017/03/07/101839/papua-dan-papua-barat-jadi-fokus-pembangunan-infrastruktur-pupr

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