Vision of Indonesian Centrist: Equitable Development in Papua

"Social justice for the people of Indonesia" which is contained in the fifth sila of Pancasila continues to be pursued by Indonesian government that wants to create the equity and prosperity for Papuans. In the framework of justice and equality, the government continues to encourage the development of physical infrastructures in Papua and West Papua province. The government proved a focus on the development of Papua which was not just a discourse because trillions rupiah fund was set up to Papuan economy so that it can grow and create the fairness for the entire Papuan. In the State Budget (APBN) in 2017, the allocation of funds transfer to Papua reached Rp 42.1 trillion and Rp 15.4 trillion to West Papua. It has already included the revenue-sharing, special autonomy fund, general allocation fund, special allocation fund and village fund.

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Monitoring the media on Sunday (3/5/2017), Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Rudiantara), Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (Ignatius Jonan), Minister of Transportation (Budi Karya Sumadi), and Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (Basuki Hadimuljono), and sat together to discuss the vision of Indonesian Centrist that became the program of President Joko Widodo.
"We are sharing how to change the way of the government to build Indonesia. Formerly Javanese Centrist, now Indonesian Centrist, " said Minister of Communications and Information Technology. He also expressed Indonesian government's target could have its own satellite. He plans the satellite tender will have done by the end of 2017. Rudi bet that Indonesia in 2021 can launch a new satellite that can reach into the country. The satellite will be used to support telecommunications backbone network in the acountry. According to him, there are still many remote areas across Indonesia who could not be reached wired or cellular networks.
Minister of EMR, Ignatius Jonan, outlined that the program of EMR Ministry in Papua included the development of 154 Megawatts electricity, rural electrification, generating new and renewable energy, the package of solar lights, the city gas network, one fuel price, tough LGN, artesian well water land, and center funds transfer to regions.
The Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, stressed that the disparity of price between eastern and western parts of Indonesia will be gradually completed with the construction of marine and air expressway in eastern Indonesia. The construction of marine and air expressway will make Papua become a strategic area for logistic distribution. For the marine expressway is scheduled for completion in early 2017, while the air expressway will have completed by the end of 2017.
Minister of Public Works and Public Housing said that his ministry in 2017 budgeted around  Rp 7.6 trillion for the development in Papua. "Around Rp 5 trillion for infrastructure developments in Papua and Rp 2 trillion for West Papua," said Basuki.
Infrastructure developments in Papua, such as Trans-Papua Highway along 4,300 km, border roads as far as 1,800 km, as well as the construction of airports, ports and dams. To reduce the high price of basic needs in Wamena, the government makes the road connecting Wamena-Habema-Kenyam-Mumugu.

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The process of development and equality has been kept going to realize the social justice for the people of Indonesia.
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