The Road Construction in West Papua

Trans-Papua Highway

Papuans directly get benefits from the construction of Trans-Papua Highway that contained in the program of President Jokowi since 2014. President Jokowi said, the construction of roads which crossed forests and mountains in Papua and West Papua province is constructed day and night. It needs to be done to catch up in both provinces.
"Trans-Papua,  we construct day and night, for what? It's for the justice throughout Indonesia, in all regions of our homeland," said President Jokowi in front of thousands of Indonesia citizens when meeting in the International Convention Center (ICC) in Sydney, Australia, Sunday (02/26/2017 ).

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Trans-Papua Highway is built from Sorong in West Papua to Merauke in Papua province. The central government has been working to build feeder roads to open access to interior areas in Papua and West Papua province which are still isolated. Besides, feeder roads are to facilitate logistic supplies to reduce the costliness of goods in both provinces. National Road Implementing Agency (BPJN XVIII) Papua, Ministry of PUPR has formed the expedition team also including journalists to look directly into the road construction for supervising in the process of project, besides the information about the construction of the road will come to the public.

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In addition to Trans-Papua construction, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has also opened a new road along the north coast of Papua province. The new road will connect the district of Nabire to the district of Waropen.
The new road in the north coast of Papua province is not part of Trans-Papua Highway but the road construction is deemed very strategic because it can connect between district to district, so that it can also curb high prices of logistic goods which are needed by Papuans.
Currently, the road has already connected from the district of Nabire to Legari along 80 Km. In this year, Ministry of  PUPR through BBJN XVIII Papua will add 3 km. Nabire-Kimibay-Legari roads, including the construction of bridge with a length of 80 m crossing Legari river. Funds in the implementation of this project swallowed up to Rp. 15 billion.

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