Government Boosts Development and Facilitation in Papua and West Papua

Who says that Indonesian government does not care about West Papua? Of course, who says this is people who always oppose to the government and do not care about the progress of West Papua. In fact, the government currently works and focuses on the construction of facilities and infrastructure developments as well as the accommodation in Papua and West Papua province.

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Under President Jokowi, the central government also adds the energy infrastructure. The amount of infrastructure developments can not be separated from the government's policy which has drastically been reducing the subsidized fuel oil (BBM) for two years ago.
Not only that, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PWPH) also completes the construction of Skouw's Post Transboundary State (PTS) that will include other supporting infrastructures, such as the market so that PTS region can serve as a new economic growth center.
Water resistance is also important to meet needs of raw water and the food security in Papua and West Papua province. PWPH Ministry also does the rehabilitation of some irrigation areas and this year it will begin the construction of Baliem Dams which is with a capacity of 200 million m3 and 50 MW hydro potential. The construction of housing also performes, such as repairing houses which are uninhabitable, through the self-help housing program.

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In different places, Ministry of Transportation also insists on a policy of accommodation and subsidies to facilitate the economic improvement.
Transportation Minister explained that the infrastructure development of marine transport and crossings need to be optimized in favor of the inter-island connectivity and the freight transport in West Papua. He also said that the development of river transport need to be built to reach remote areas in Papua and West Papua province.

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Infrastructure developments in West Papua are expected to bring the convenience to Papuans in carrying out their daily activities. Moreover, the most important thing is for the social justice throughout Indonesia so that all Indonesians from Sabang to Merauke can feel benefits from infrastructure developments in Indonesia.

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