Again and Again, Pacific Countries Harass Indonesia in UN

Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Arrmanatha Christiawan Nasir

A total of seven Pacific countries complained Indonesia to the UN Human Rights Council. A complaint which is led by Vanuatu's Justice Minister is related to charges of committing human rights violations in West Papua. This is not the first time that Pacific countries harass Indonesia with West Papuan problems. Some time ago, these countries throw their criticism in Indonesia about the condition of West Papua in the UN General Assembly forum.

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Responding to the action of seven Pacific countries, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry) has responded through an Indonesian representative in the Office of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The Indonesian representative questioned the motive behind the complaint because in West Papua everything is fine, no genocide or massacres conducted by the Indonesian military or police as they said. On contrary, the Indonesian government builds West Papua as other provinces and even the government budgeted more funds to West Papua and Papua province in order that infrastructure developments there continues to run.

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"Because of this statement in the Human Rights Council, then we get an answer that is delivered Vanuatu's Justice Minister does not necessarily reflect the condition of West Papua at this time which gets better and the standard of living in West Papua has increased," said Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Arrmanatha Christiawan Nasir on Thursday (March 2nd, 2017). "The democratic system continues to run by opening of access to the media, it will be very difficult to go unnoticed by others. On contrary, we questioned to them (seven Pacific countries) whether they really care or support for (West Papuan) separatists," he said.
According to him, if it is proven that those Pacific countries are more inclined to support West Papuan separatists, namely the Free Papua Organization (OPM), then they have already violated values adopted by the United Nations.

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