A Total of 154 West Papuan Separatists Returned to The Republic of Indonesia

A total of 154 Free Papua Movement (OPM, "Organisasi Papua Merdeka") members vowed to return to the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia (NKRI, "Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia").
Based on the official press release of Army received on Friday (24/03/2017), 154 members of Free Papua Movement were arrived at Sinak Village, Puncak Jaya on March 15th, 2017.
They returned within reasons.Their surrender was due to OPM followers' disappointment which was not productive for joining the separatist group. They were not getting anything during the armed separatist movement which are led by Lekagak Telenggen and Gombanik Telenggen. "(Joining) Armed Separatist Movement (GSPB, "Gerakan Separatis Pengacau Bersenjata") which are led by Lekagak Telenggen and Gombanik Telenggen, do not get anything," said Utaringgen, an ex-sympathizer of the armed criminal group.

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A Humanist approach was carried out by Indonesian Military under Commander Military of Sinak, Infantry Lieutenant Yusuf Rumi, to persuade the group that had opposed the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia.
"Surrendering of OPM members is due to the humanist approach and touch hearts of Army over the years. They were finally awakened and willing to return to the bosom of Homeland," said Lieutenant Yusuf Rumi, in a press statement received on Friday (24/3).
Regent of Wilem held symbolizing their acceptance back to the Homeland with the submission of a red-white flag. After that, they were allowed to return to their own hometown.

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There were several requests from the former separatists. Firstly, they asked for security guarantees from Indonesia military and police after the surrender. Hence, it is believed that their decision to return to the bosom of Indonesia makes their former leaders (Free Papua Movement's leaders) angry and it endangers the safety of themselves and their families. Secondly, they also asked local governments to build Honai (A West Papuan traditional house) which is decent and healthy to live. The military, police, and local governments agreed to accept their demand.

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This is a strong evidence that Indonesian government is serious about developments in West Papua. This evidence once denied various allegations from outside about many injustices in West Papua.
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