What Indonesian Government Does in West Papua is for The Welfare of Papuans

The infrastructure development is a main priority under the leadership of President Jokowi in Indonesia. The Infrastructure development in two-eastern provinces in Indonesia, Papua and West Papua, is the particular concern of President Jokowi because those provinces lag behind other provinces in Indonesia, so that the central government allocated larger budget to both provinces. The seriousness of Indonesian government can be seen from the construction of vital infrastructures such as Trans-Papua Highway, Airports, Ports, Power and several Special Economic Zones that increasingly beautify the face of Papua. Moreover, the latest of President Jokowi's achievement is by setting the fuel price becomes one price in Papua. It means the fuel price in Papua is the same as other provinces in Indonesia because before this policy was set, the fuel price in Papua has been more expensive. This policy is also a policy that needs to be appreciated as a concrete step of the government to accelerate the development of Papua.

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The development of Papua is a form of President Jokowi's concern in order to equal human rights for all Indonesian people. President Jokowi hoped that the acceleration of infrastructure developments in Papua would impact on the growth and economic movements throughout Papua. The government's reason to accelerate development in Papua is to rebalance the economy in Papua.

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"The development of Papua, both in Papua and West Papua, we need to accelerate, and to build Papua not only by strengthening the connectivity such as building roads, bridges, airports and ports, but also necessarily creating industrial zones and centers of the economic growth, so that Papuans can feel that the state is present in the welfare of its people" President Jokowi's message after the inauguration of one fuel price's policy (18/10/2016).

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