West Papua will be in peace without separatist movements


One of causes that West Papua continues to experience upheavals is as many opinions and arguments that lead to many debates about the validity of the implementation of "Act of Free Choice" in 1969. Nowadays, many young people  do not understand the depth of "Act of Free Choice" event. The Implementation of "Act of Free Choice" was held in 1969 and the result was West Papua returned to Indonesia, then West Papua became the 26th province in Indonesia as Irian Jaya. However, Free Papua Movement (OPM) and its separatist groups have been strongly opposing this decision and asking for the referendum again even though it is very unlikely to be implemented.

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Until today, Papuans' struggle to integrate and remain in a part of Indonesia has not been finished yet because separatist groups in West Papua were more astute in asking for support from inside and outside of Indonesia. Lately, the use of weapons in liberating West Papua has been reduced because the violence is not the only way to be independent, so that they start using the soft-approach and  issues of human rights and humanitarian to mobilize people who are willing to provide support for Free West Papua Campaign. Those became one of the international attention because the issue of human rights becomes rampant to be discussed at this time.
Separatist groups in West ًPapua are groups that can be quite dangerous. It all can be seen from various actions that those groups have done, such as assault, firing, extortion, burning public facilities, etc. Because of it, Indonesian people, especially Papuans, should reject those separatist groups in West Papua by being not easy to be provoked and not attending those groups.

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Let's instill in our hearts that Indonesia is not negotiable, no one can damage the sovereignty of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

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