West Papua is A Part of Indonesia

Indonesian government continues to improve the welfare of all people in all parts of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, including islands that still get foreign influences to secede from Indonesia such as West Papua. However, it has become a long concern of Indonesian government then the government kept convincing people by valid evidences of the international law that West Papua would always be a part of The Unitary State of Republic Indonesia.
Hearing that West Papua is a part of Indonesia is familiar to us as Indonesians because West Papua has given many maximal contributions to the development and growth of Indonesia.

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Results from West Papua's contributions will also help the development of Papua that is increasingly better, ranging from the welfare of Papuans and dynamics of social life that continues to prosper.
However, there are Papuans who support Free Papua Movement (OPM) are still affected by foreign interventions to secede from Indonesia. As we know nowadays that people who are pro OPM have begun to shrink the repercussion because the progress and development of West Papua get better and Papua has a lot of smart people who are anti-interventions and anti-foreign interference, so that Papuans can counteract foreign influences that go to make West Papua secede from Indonesia.

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As a sovereign nation, Indonesian people must fight against separatist movements in West Papua, both in the form of activities they do for disturbing the sovereignty of Indonesia. With government policies that continuously prevention programs against foreign interventions and the development for West Papua that has been prioritized, the socio-economic condition of West Papua is better.

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