West Papua is Developing, Day by Day It Gets Better

President Jokowi, along with the governor of Papua Province

The existence of various efforts that concerns Indonesian government, with spreading the violation of human rights, genocide, etc which are performed by Free Papua Movement, don't lessen Indonesian government's efforts to develop West Papua. The government's seriousness in building Papua are about the problem of education and  economic and infrastructure policies. The central government, accompanied by the local government, has done serious efforts in order that the development of West Papua runs smoothly although many distractions made by separatists but it all doesn't reduce the public trust in the government.

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The government of Papua province claimed that the rate of growth in Papua reached 8,11 percent in 2015, and better in the increase of public welfare. The governor of Papua province, Luke Enembe, said "The economic growth of Papua is increasingly improved in line with the increase of public welfare that is marked with the decline of the poverty rate 284 percent in 2015, the inflation is always controlled about 7,98 percent".

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Papuan people have been independent and living in the homeland. At this time West Papua only focuses on how to make the welfare of Papuans and works together in building West Papua to be better than this time.


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