West Papua has already been Independent within Indonesia, so what does Free Papua Movement want?

Who says that West Papua wants an independence? Who says Papuans want to break away from Indonesia? This is only the public lie that is often expressed by a figure of Free Papua Movement, Benny Wenda, not only in Papua but also in other countries. The governor of Papua Province, Luke Enembe, reiterated that West Papua and Indonesia would never be separated because West Papua has become one with Indonesia. Luke Enembe hoped that there was no longer the voice of West Papua independence from Indonesia and ask all people to work together to build West ًPapua. "Nobody asks for free West Papua. West Papua has become a part of Indonesia. We have been independent. Indonesia has been independent" said Luke.

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Free Papua Movement (FPM) frequently spreads disinformation, particularly in the international arena and seeks to deceive the people not to support the government’s development of Papua. The group aims to make Papua isolated by spreading issues the violation of human rights  and the distortion of historical facts to Papuan people.
FPM's goals are immoral and dishonorable, since their activists are only interested in furthering interests of their own group instead of those of the Papuan people, who are being used as political pawns to gain profit and power.

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People should not be easily provoked by issues of Papuan independence spread by irresponsible groups of Free West Papua because West Papua is a part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

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