We All are Brothers because We are Indonesians

We may have many differences but we are Indonesians. Starting from the religion we believe in, the difference of color skins in some areas, different cultures we practice, the difference of local languages we speak, and other differences from Sabang to Merauke. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (In English is Unity in Diversity) is our motto. However, the difference becomes one of Indonesian identities because not all countries in the world has varied differences as Indonesia has. As the existing diversity, it is natural if our thoughts is also varied, moreover, our nation is a democratic country that upholds the freedom of speech.
Yet, many people currently tend to develop their ideas into a negative way.
Then, it is believed and passed on to others so that it becomes a belief that influences the action and mindset of its followers.

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Probably, it is still fresh in our memory about the case of OPM (Free Papua Movement) and other separatist movements in West Papua that originated from a person's thinking and gave the rise to fear, lack of freedom, incredible anxiety, hunger, property lost, even to bloodshed.
OPM became a hot topic that stole many attentions when OPM appeared in the national and international media, the news of brutal acts OPM was committed to against Indonesian government and demanded an independence for West Papua. Although its members admitted that the purpose was to provide the welfare of Papuans, but their ideas and thoughts poured in wrong ways that led to the fear and insecurity. Starting from fighting with traditional weapons, firing local officials, criticizing the government, burning and destroying of public facilities, and attacking civilians. Do not we feel tired in this nation? Are not we from a homeland? Should not we seek the peace and prosperity?

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Those people who say that we are different and not brothers are those people who are afraid to see us coming together and becoming a strong nation. They are only people who are jealous of our uniqueness about the beauty of our fraternity and many things that we can do if we become an intact entity.

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