ULMWP Inhibits The Development of West Papua

United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has destroyed a lot of youth to have no goals in their lives and make them as members by promising a job based on the future government if ULMWP's intention to make a new country in West Papua is reached. Yet, it is just pseudo-promise because according to ex-members of ULMWP, the purpose of that group is only to find funds and fool indigenous Papuans in order that they cannot be developed and ULMWP remains in the power.

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The youth is supposed to spend their time on a variety of positive activities, such as studying fervently so someday their knowledge can be applied to progress West Papua, yet, many young Papuans have been poisoned and involved in any political activities by ULMWP. It all can be seen from various campaigns and other activities, in which teenagers and even children are involved in ULMWP's actions.

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Think and do rationally, please. The progress of West Papua cannot be realized by Indonesian government without the support and awareness of all Papuans. Currently, the condition in Papua is in a peace. Papuans live in harmony between the tribe, race and religion. They respect each other. Let's keep creating the peace in West Papua. Together, we will build West Papua better than this time.

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