Separatists always Spread Propaganda

Indonesian government actually has been starting to develop West Papua since the early 1970s but the progress is slow. It is caused by several factors, one of them is the natural factor. Papuan areas which are separated by mountains and cliffs cause the difficulty in building infrastructures as the main requirement to advance the local economy. Free Papua Movement (FPM) has been using this case to realize their goal. Political elites of FPM affect the public to spread the issue that the government does not focus on building and developing West Papua.

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According to Law No. 21 of 2001, the central government has set a special autonomy for Papua in the hope that the local government could be more maximal in arranging the development in all sectors soon and its benefits could be felt by all Papuans. On the other hand, FPM's efforts that want to break away from The Republic of Indonesia are also gradually decreased.
For years ago, FPM has been trying to defend the conflict with the deception and provocative efforts by playing words to influence the public and flip a historical fact down as if the legality of West Papua as a part of Indonesia had been illegal. This is because the ego of FPM's political elites in which they just think how to be state officers or at least they still get benefits by fooling Papuans.

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"Intelligent people will not be provoked by FPM that tries to separate and make a new country".

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