There's No Genocide in West Papua

United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) seems to continuously spread his political maneuvers to internationalize West Papua by the violation of human rights there as the main issue although it seems that Papuan separatists cannot provide strong evidences that there has been the violation of human rights in West Papua.
ULMWP always spreads allegations that have no fundamentals on genocide in West Papua. That is just to fool people, especially Papuan people about the meaning of the word "GENOCIDE". The ability of putting on words and flipping the fact down to be political elites of  ULMWP' main weapons to seek the support and sympathies to people who do not too understand " "the meaning of genocide".

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Is there an "intention" from Indonesia to do genocide in West Papua? all Indonesian policies in West Papua are for Papua's development. How someone can conclude that Indonesia has an intention to destroy the overall or some Papuan people. Indonesian policies in West Papua are to develop the politics, economy, and social of Papuan people as a group.

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In conclusion, "There's no GENOCIDE in West Papua". ULMWP consciously builds the genocide issue in West Papua as a strategy to gather sympathies, especially from Leaders of Pacific Countries. Nevertheless, the common sense will be always able to differentiate between the real fact and lies made by ULMWP.
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