The Lie is Made by Free Papua Movement in Any Moments

Benny Wenda, a West Papuan independence leader

Political elites of Free Papua Movement (FPM) never get tired to lie to public, especially Papuan people, and give pseudo-promises to their supporters by fabricating stories and taking advantages of various moments which are going on, both in Indonesia and  the world, to find the sympathy and trust of supporters.

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As in a few months ago, FPM mentioned that they has sent an official report related to the serious violation of human rights conducted by Indonesia in Papua to United Nations. However, it was strictly denied by United Nations with explaining that there was no a piece of report that was sent related to the violation of human rights in Papua to them.
 The information that is outstanding, the document was reported and submitted by the chairman of Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (PIANGO), Emele Duituturaga, to the Secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, on the occasion of World Humanitarian Summit held in May, in Istanbul, Turkey.
It was conveyed by Mr. Dujarric in the Press briefing on UN headquarters in New York, on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016. Mr. Dujarric also clarified that the UN chief never did or scheduled a meeting with representatives of West Papua in summit in Turkey as FPM said.

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All actions, both propaganda and agitation that are conducted by FPM, are to destroy the image of Indonesia in the International world and seek the support on public.
With helps and support funds from a number of western countries that want Papua to break away from the sovereignty of Indonesia make the violation of human rights as a powerful weapon for them in finding sympathies from the world. According to them, The issue that Indonesian government has done is the massacre in Papua with the hundreds of thousands victims. Besides, Indonesian government was also accused of the political isolation by blocking the Press or Media to visit Papua.
But all allegations cannot be proven by them till now. Even, some countries which are curious with conditions in Papua had visited Papua.

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