The Issue of A Man Stripped by Police in Papua

 The photo of a naked man, tied-hand to the back, bloody-face and seemly kicked by police in Papua is spreading in social media. The photo is captioned with the story of persecution by police to the man.
The photo becomes a long 'discussion' by social media users. Some of them have been emotional and many users objurgate the action that doesn't deserve to be conducted by the police. Most of them associate it with the issue of discrimination.
Actually, what is the photo?

Investigation: teams search for the photo that is outstanding widely in social media. The result is the man named Yusuph Alexander Waita. He is not the victim of persecution by police, but he is rapist of a kid aged 10 years sitting in the fourth class in the primary school.
Head of the Public Relations,  Papuan Police Region, Sr. Patridge Renwarin, said that the case of rape happened on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016. The kid was kidnapped and taken to the forest by the man. Previously, the victim's parents had time to call her and the victim said that she was taken by a stranger to the middle of the forest.
"After that, victim's parents picked her up and looked for where she was ," said Patridge. Finally, the victim was successfully found along with the perpetrator in the mile 21. He had been already naked with the victim. Then, the kid was successfully secured by her parents, while the perpetrator was trying to escape and hiding in the swamp in the forest.
"The perpetrator was successfully pursued and captured by victim's father," as far as Patridge.
Then he brought out the forest. When they were outside forest, a lot people waited them there. People were angry with cruel perpetrator's actions and directly hitting him. After that, one of them called the police to report this case. And then the perpetrator was brought by police to Mimika Baru police office to be processed in the law. "The police don't expose the perpetrator but he has already found naked in the forest," added Patridge. The rope that used to tie him was a citizen's own, not the police's rope. The issue of kicking that the police conducted in the photo, Patridge said that at that time the perpetrator was in drunk and ruction when he would be brought into the patrol car. The police held him tight so he would not escape.
The rapist works as a motorcycle handyman. he has already noticed the victim when she has been back after school.
"The perpetrator has been processed and detained in Mimika police office," explained Patridge.
Relating the photo of the police seemly kicking the suspect, Papuan police said it was in the investigation.

The naked and bloody man in Papua who is outstanding in social media is not the victim of persecution by police, but he is physically judged by citizens.
It is true that there is a police looking kick the perpetrator. That police is in a investigation. The photo is also true, but the story of its event is HOAX.
It’s only propaganda made by separatists in West Papua. Nowadays, #FreeWestPapua campaign spreads lies and hatred about the situation and condition in West Papua for gathering the support from the world to be an independent country, West Papua.

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