The Issue of KNPB's Demonstration in West Papua

Let's look from eyes of the law, all actions of KNPB and reaction by the police. Demonstrations were done by KNPB never get permission from the police for violating the law on the freedom of expression, not only in Indonesia but also their actions violated the international law.
On the basis of the thing, the police must secure and disperse the demonstration in accordance with Indonesia's Law No. 9 of 1998 which regulates procedures to face mobs without permission on public.

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In fact, nowadays demonstrations lifted by KNPB and ULMWP to accommodate Papuans' desire are only their steps to get the attention and support of the world, such as they document the action in the form of photos and videos which they spread to flip facts down in order that it all looks like Indonesian government was wrong. They also make the news that smells like provocations. They say that the police detained hundreds or even thousands of KNPB's members who joined the demonstration.
Lately, in some actions they do are widely reported that the police arrested thousands of KNPB'members. Actually, it is a game of the local media because what happened is the police simply does the security in places so that demonstrations will not distract public interests and provide the direction to record them. Although there are some members of KNPB detained because they have criminal records that they do outside demonstrations.

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So, the conclusion is the police in carrying out those arrests are in accordance with the procedure and not violating any laws in their duty to provide the security and maintain the public order. On the other hand, KNPB members have been many violations of human rights, especially violations about the protection of children.

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