The Governor of Papua Province : We are Indonesia, No One Calls for Independence

Mr. Lukas Enembe is the governor of Papua Province

The Governor of Papua, Mr. Lukas Enembe, raised the matter of Papuan separatist group, United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). Lukas stated that for him it was more important to focus on ensuring the welfare of Papuans than wasting energy responding to that group.
“We have the capacity to promote programs that create the prosperity for Papuans. Whereas ULMWP activities are a matter for International Diplomacy.” he said.

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In relation to some individuals in Papua who are involved in ULMWP, Lukas also stressed that the case is not the concern of the provincial government of Papua.
“There are individuals who struggle abroad and have nothing to do with us” Lukas affirmed.
Lukas said that ULMWP has nothing to do with the provincial government of Papua. Because that group is more interested in playing diplomacy in the international arena.
Lukas also underscored that there are no Papuans that wants to be independent from Indonesia. Because Indonesia has already been independent and Papua is a part of Indonesia.
“That is absolute (Papuans do not want to be independent). We have already been an independent nation, Indonesia has already gained its independence. There is nobody in Papua who calls for independence.” he said.


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