The Allegation of Genocide in West Papua

Many Indonesian people are not aware that at this time we are disturbed by West Papuan separatist movements. Not all Indonesian people cares about lies that separatist groups submitted to the International world. By distorting facts, they justified that Indonesian government had illegally occupied West Papua as a part of Indonesia and done a lot of human rights violations and genocide to indigenous Papuans. The issue is continuously delivered by separatist groups to the International world.

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Then how should we respond to lies that will disturb the sovereignty of Indonesia? It all depends on Indonesian people, choosing to care or not. Depending on the government's consistency in maintaining the nation's integrity is a difficult choice. A nation can stand intact and upright because of the desire and power which are collected by its citizens. The problem like this is easily resolved if there is a will and concern of all Indonesian people.

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We should be angry with allegations which are made by those groups. The anger can be expressed as the concern for West Papua that the condition of West Papua is not like what they have said, there is never any genocides and human rights violations to indigenous Papuans which is conducted by Indonesian government. Among Javanese, Malay and other ethnic groups have the same position as Indonesian citizens. And indeed Papuans prefer to be a part of Indonesia which has jointly fought for independence from Dutch colonial era. There was no Indonesia without West Papua and there was no West Papua without Indonesia.

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