Stop Provoking in West Papua

West Papua, a region having the nickname of "Black Pearl", can not be separated from the past of Indonesia. Discovering from its history as a part of the Republic of Indonesia is unique. Since the beginning, West Papuan population have been a big family of Archipelago that made up the Republic of Indonesia, although it was a little late to receive the recognition from the international world that West Papua was a part of the Republic of Indonesia.
The issue of human rights violations in West Papua is unfounded. It is a cover that is used as an excuse to support West Papuan separatists. It can also vilify Indonesia as a country that has full of the authority over its territory. Therefore, Indonesia seems to be working hard to drown out the issue that can lead to widen the distance with West Papua.

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If it is based on the different history between Papua and Indonesia, it seems like a ridiculous thing. We can see from the heyday of Archipelago's kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of Srivijaya, the Kingdom of Majapahit, and the Sultanate of Tidore, West Papua explicitly was mentioned as a part of kingdoms and sultanate' territory in their own superpower era. An effort of voicing the different history is like a boomerang for separatist fighters that struggling on behalf of West Papuan independence because they have forgotten the history of their homeland.
Although many foreign countries seem to support West Papua to separate from Indonesia, West Papua must keep moving forward with all the past and will remain a part of a big family of Indonesia.

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