Responding to Free Papua Movement, Commander of Armed Forces : West Papua is Fine

Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo

Commander of Indonesian Armed Forces, Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo, declared that the petition conducted by a West Papuan separatist, Benny Wanda, to separate West Papua from the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia (NKRI) was not an issue to worry about. "It's fine in West Papua. No problem," he said briefly, after a meeting with Commission I of Legislative Assembly, in the parliament complex, in Jakarta, Thursday (26/1). He also said not to bother with a petition made by an unofficial institution. It was observed that there was a waste of time and energy just to take care of it.

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As we know, lately on internet it circulates a site containing a petition to support West Papuans to separate from the Republic of Indonesia. The global petition was released to separate West Papua from Indonesia and still rolling. The petition will  have collected by the time the target reach 10 thousand people, then the petition will be transferred to Geneva and supporters will also swim as far as 69 kilometers to be submitted directly to United Nations. As a reason, the issue of genocide and human rights violations are appeared to garner the support from the International world although in West Papua actually it is fine, no problems as separatist groups alleged about Indonesian government.

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