Not Easy to Make A New Country

President Jokowi when visiting West Papua

In the form of a country is not easy, indeed requirements of country establishment are only four, there are the territory, government, citizens, and recognition of other countries. However, not only four requirements a country is formed and independent because it needs the government's responsibility to further improve citizens' lives after the country was independence. If its citizens are not better after the country was independence, it will be in a vain and regret to the country after independence.

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From above statements can be analyzed with the incidence of separatist movements in West Papua that are still eager to secede from Indonesia. Efforts of Papuan separatists are not adapted to the circumstances of  Papuans. The possibility that can happen is in West Papua will exist more western countries that will exploit its weaknesses after the secession from Indonesia to take massive natural resources owned by West Papua without considering the welfare of entire indigenous Papuans.

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Indonesia is currently responsible and continuously striving to provide for the welfare of Papuans. It all should not be underestimated by separatist movements in West Papua. The military protects and saves the border of West Papua from the invention of other countries, the police keeps West Papua, the government budgets greater funds than other provinces to Papua and West Papua province.

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