More Progressive, These Things are Progressions in Papua that You Should Know

In Indonesia, Papua is known as the image of backward. However, it is the old news, now Papua is developing. Sourced by, all these changes can't be separated from the share of President Joko Widodo. Wow, are you curious what the changes in Bumi Cendrawasih (Papua) are?

Sourced by various sources, these things are progresses of Papua that you should know.

1. The fuel price in Papua is the same as the price on Java island.

No secret, if the fuel price was the most expensive commodity in Papua. However, the highest price was over last year. The enforcement of President Jokowi's policy "One Fuel Price" also became the basic thing that will affect the equalization of economies in parts of Papua.

2. Trans-Papua Highway.

Sourced by boombastis, the welfare of Papuan people must be started with the infrastructure development. Trans-Papua highway in planning is along 4.325 km, currently, it has been reaching 3.667 km or 85%.

3. Jayapura Mall, the largest mall in Jayapura.

Who says that Papua has no the shopping center? Jayapura mall is the largest shopping center in Jayapura. It consists of four floors with complete facilities, such as Matahari department store, hypermart, J.CO donuts, the fresh market, cinema XXI and etc.
Mall is not only in Jayapura, the mall is also in other areas in Papua, for instance in Manokwari, Sorong, etc.

4. Mimika Sport Complex, the luxury sport complex in Papua.

District Mimika will have the international sport complex. In its development, it assisted by Freeport Company for the preparation to host National Sports Olympics (PON) in 2020. The government has been building the sport complex since 2013 at area 12,5 hectares that is government-owned.

5. International hotels can be easily found.

For you all, travelers, who prioritize the quality of holiday, don't worry to explore Papua because there are many International and best star-hotel facility there. Therefore, Papua becomes one of the most expensive tourist destination in Indonesia, moreover, the progression and exotic areas have been growing well for years ago.

Now, you have known about the progresses in West Papua . It is growing right now because the Indonesian government focused on Papua's development. Maybe, someday it will be developed as Jakarta, who knows !!!!! 

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