Is There A Genocide in West Papua? Let's Find It Out

Currently, Free Papua Movement ( OPM in Indonesian Organisasi Papua Merdeka ) still lies with spreading HOAX both in the online media and social media and stating that Indonesian government committed a genocide to indigenous Papuans.
Before i explain more about this issue, it will be better if we know what "genocide" is. Genocide is any acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.

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The question now is Does OPM (Free Papua Movement) understand what the meaning of genocide is? If we look at the meaning of genocide, then there is no such things as Indonesian government commit a genocide in West Papua. No facts and data which is suggested a genocide in West Papua. That statement also proves that OPM did not understand the meaning of genocide and proclaim a thing that is not true in order that they are considered by the international world with propaganda and provocation that they spread. OPM also should know that regional heads in Papua nowadays are prominent figures of Papuans, this means that the leadership in Papua is the original person of Papua. If a genocide really happens in West Papua, the national and international media certainly will broadcast facts about it because the duty of media is to report facts instead of opinions and wishful thinking.

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Why don't many Papuans that exist throughout Indonesia flee in a fear of being executed if there is a genocide? Why aren't many Papuan students who study in West Papua or study in other provinces in Indonesia afraid to be destroyed by the government if there is a genocide? Those things indicate that the condition of Indonesia is very safe and comfortable, there is no any threats to them. On the basis of these principles are no a genocide committed by Indonesia government in West Papua. The statement of genocide is only the expression to attract international sympathies by OPM.

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I hope that indigenous Papuans are not affected by OPM's propaganda because we have already been very safe in the running daily life together with the local government which is assisted by the central government. Leave thoughts about breaking away from Indonesia as OPM did because their movements are only for their own interests and not for sake of all Papuan people.

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  1. why are the no free media in west popua why is the poverty rate so high in west popua compared to other parts of indonesia


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