I am Papua, I am Indonesia

One of President Jokowi's hope in the process of infrastructure development is co-participation by Papuans in the implementation of development programs. Day after day, it starts to move Papuans' hearts who have been affiliated with Free Papua Movement (OPM) to build West Papua.
A concrete form of the development undertaken by the regency of Puncak Jaya, Papua, is building a road infrastructure that connects all villages in the district of Puncak Jaya to open the isolation of some districts, such as Tingginambut District in which nearly did not happen in the economic activity and education because from 2004 to 2011 the region was famous as one of red zones as the base of OPM formation by Goliat Tabuni group.

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Development efforts which are done by the government always meet with the resistance from OPM, it certainly hampers the implementation of the government's programs in West Papua.
However, as the time went on and the seriousness of the government in committing to build West Papua, benefits of change began to be felt by the public, such as the easiness of access between villages and making a source illumination can be accommodated by the related department. Therefore, for the public welfare, the local government must work together with Papuans to build West Papua in the shade of Indonesia.

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A Message for Separatists
"You may struggle, but for what you fight for something that is not clear in its direction and purpose, it is better that we are united and we cement the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia for better West Papua".
I am Papua, I am Indonesia.

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