Free West Papua Campaign Damages The Existing Peace in West Papua

Lately, supporters of KNPB and ULMWP spread propaganda about Free West Papua issues which are rated laden with interests of those groups and potentially damage the existing peace in West Papua. Basically, the union of West Papua with Indonesia was legitimate because it was approved by most of Papuans and UN in 1969 and actually it was no longer needed to be debated. Actually, if we take notice of President Jokowi's visitations and his programs that have been taken by the government for Papuan people, separatist movements are not supposed to exist anymore in West Papua. The government has a strong determination of Papuans' welfare, at least Papua will be in the same level as other provinces in Indonesia. Besides, nowadays as we know, many Indonesian young leaders and future leaders who were born in Papua, including The Indonesian Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (Yohana Yambise), Chairman of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (Bahlil Lahadalia), and the newly elected Chairman of Indonesian National Youth Committee (Rifai Darus). The birth of those figures illustrate that people throughout Indonesia assure and trust in sons of West Papua, the can also work for Indonesia.

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Therefore, let us stop debating the independence of West Papua which only causes gaps and cracks of our fraternity. It is better that together we build Indonesia in the frame of diversity. Let us fill our independence by building together. The beauty of unity in the shade of The Unitary State of Republic Indonesia.

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My advanced Papua, my advanced Indonesia ✊

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