Everything is Good in West Papua

West Papua Map

In Indonesia, nobody is being killed just because s/he is Papuan.
Indonesia has over 300 ethnic groups. Papuan is one of them. Besides, Papuans enjoy good infrastructure developments and same rights just like other Indonesian ethnic groups.
If you compare West Papua to Papua New Guinea (a country), West Papua is better in terms of the development.

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Indonesian military fights against separatist movements, not Papuan race. And this is very far from genocide. As they are separatist movements, Indonesian government definitely wants to reduce those movements. This is not because they are Papuans but they terrorize villages to support their independence movements and those movements de-stabilize the nation. I reckon the government tries the best to suspend those movements. If Indonesian military and government fight against them as they are Papuans, there will be no any developments in West Papua, no ministers from West Papua, no governors from West Papua, no high ranking generals from West Papua.
If you want to talk about this issue, you should label this as "rebellion" issue, not "genocide" issue. Yes, there is conflict in West Papua but there is no genocide.

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You should know the history of Indonesia. Basically, Indonesia which consist of different kingdoms/ tribes/islands was previously colonialized by Dutch. After independence, those kingdoms/ tribes/islands joined as a country (such as Yogyakarta, which was a Sultanate. It could be an independent nation, but it agreed to join Indonesia). In 1960s, Dutch wanted to prepare for West Papuan independence, but Indonesian government tried to make West Papua joined Indonesia because it was still under Dutch colonialization just like other Indonesian regions. Finally, in 1969 West Papua was a part of Indonesia due to "Act of Free Choice". In its referendum, most of Papuans chose to join Indonesia.

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One of the “conspiracy theory” regarding Free Papua movement and its supporters is that all companies or countries or individuals who support West Papuan separatist movements just try to move all money to their own pockets (who knows) and not for the welfare of Papuans.
Generally, with all spotlights, Indonesian government try their hardest efforts to build West Papua, from building infrastructures to giving scholarships to Papuan students.
As Indonesia is a very big country and there are a lot of provinces with their own problems, not to mention that West Papua is very far from the capital city but the government definitely improve infrastructure developments in West Papua for the welfare of Papuans although the news of developments in West Papua often goes under radar, covered in bad stories about shootings and protests.

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