Act of Free Choice in West Papua

In 1969, it was held Act of Free Choice (PAPERA, in Indonesian Penentuan Pendapat Rakyat) in West Papua. PAPERA was followed by 1,026 members of PAPERA Consultative Council who became representatives of West Papuan people from eight districts. Most of representatives in attendance chose to join with The Republic of Indonesia. PEPERA was also witnessed by the envoy of UN, Australia, and Netherlands. Indonesian Government, along with United Nations, have agreed to use the representative system instead of one man one vote system when PEPERA was held due to geographical and demographic constraints. The representative system was also a form of democracy. In the culture of Papua, local traditional leaders choose their options and then it all will be followed by the society.

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PAPERA was held to determine the status area of West Papua, between the independence or the union with Indonesia. Representatives were selected from the population unanimously chose the union with Indonesia and the result was accepted by United Nations.
The allegation of KNPB which said that PEPERA was undemocratic or illegal is totally wrong because the fact of PAPERA's implementation was held democratically.

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West Papua and Papua Province attained a special autonomy. The special autonomy grant that has been granted by the central government is not small. It is no longer time to dwell on the integration of West Papua into Indonesia. KNPB members should get back together to mobilize all potentials to build West Papua towards a bright future. The integration of West Papua has been final. Let the title of "Land of Heaven" remained stuck with West Papua in which People are from different ethnicities and religions live in peace and coexistence in West Papua.

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