A Genocide Issue in West Papua

Separatists always scatter propaganda,hatre, and lies to the world

Lately, we find HOAX in media easily either in the social media or the commercial media. Hoax, sometimes we mention it "the fake news", spreads wider to the world easily, one of them due to the technology.
Here, I will discuss about West Papua. Maybe, you have ever heard about the genocide in West Papua on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Before, I will tell you little about West Papua Conflict because I am sure, not all of you here knows it.

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West Papua is a part of Indonesia. It consists of two provinces under the Indonesian government but ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua),  a separatist group, demands the separation from The Republic of Indonesia to be a new country.
ULMWP is actually a forbidden group in Indonesia because sometimes, they do armed conflicts with the military of Indonesia or police. The violence conducted by military or police in Papua has occurred because of separatists doing armed crimes. If they deliver aspirations without anarchism, military or police will not do rude to them. Please, look it directly in Papua, do not just rely on the information that is not true because the media of human rights activists do many manipulations to the news in West Papua. If you cannot look it directly, at least you can ask directly to neutral Papuans. They will show you the truth that there's no genocide over there. On contrary, West Papua gets better day after day due to infrastructure development over there. The Indonesian government seriously focuses on Papua’s development.

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How the Indonesian government does genocide in West Papua, while West Papua is a part of Indonesia and in "Pancasila" (it is the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state) point two reads "Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab" (in English, Just and Civilized Humanity). It has already been so clear what separatists do is only propaganda and they want to drop Indonesia.

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